20-year warranty:

All crowbars from Svedbro Smide come with an extended 20 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Each crowbar is carefully inspected before it is sold. Despite this, there may be anomalies that are not visible or that have not been noticed before the axe left the factory. In order that these defects do not impinge upon you as a customer, Svedbro Smide gives a 20-year warranty on the different parts of the axe against defects that are directly linked to manufacturing.

Warranty process:

  1. In order for your Svedbro Smide crowbars to be covered by the 20-year warranty, you need a valid purchase receipt from an authorised dealer of Svedbro Smide’s crowbars.
    The purchase receipt is your warranty document.
  2. If you have a manufacturing defect on your crowbar, you should contact the place you purchased the axe from, i.e. the store that is stated on your purchase receipt. They will assist you in the warranty process.

Normal wear and maintenance:

Svedbro Smide’s 20-year warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, faults caused by improper use or lack of maintenance.


The crowbars are handcrafted and each axe is unique. Since all crowbars are hand-forged, the appearance of the axes may differ. For example, there can be marks after the forging or some variations in the shape and dimensions. This is however something we are proud of. These natural variations are not classified as manufacturing defects, but rather a hallmark of your axe being shaped by a human hand.

Lack of maintenance and improper use:

The crowbar is made of steel, which means that it is sensitive to moisture and can rust if stored incorrectly. Therefore, be sure to always wipe your crowbar after use and store it dry.

Your crowbar is designed to work by hand, breaking straight and with the entire contact surface against the breaking object. Use in the event of an oblique break where only parts of the plant surface have been used and where large force is applied is classified as not recommended use, and damage that occurs as a result does not fall under the 20-year extended warranty.