Our warehouse will be completely closed from July 12th to July 28th. This will result in extended delivery times for orders placed within and around these dates.


In addition to manufacturing our own products, we have a large workshop, where we repair other people’s machines and tools. Here we work with welding, milling, turning, drilling, bending, assembly, hardening and tempering. We carry out work that includes alterations and extensions as well as repairs on most construction machines, buckets and cranes.

We have large areas with a varied machine park, which provides flexibility in service to our customers. It is possible to unload and load from a truck directly into the workshop and we can easily get large construction machines into the room.

Through our long experience, we have created a solid knowledge of workshop work. Our technicians are well trained and have special knowledge to best solve the customer’s needs. We have a great focus on service and quality from the time the assignment starts until it is finally delivered. Providing good service and quality to our customers is an ongoing work that we attach great importance to.

To ensure the quality of the work we perform, ongoing internal controls are carried out throughout the work process.

Crack repair of a rotor tilt

Construction machinery in the forest is often exposed to great wear and tear and heavy loads. Crack repair and reinforcement work are common repair work with us.

Repairing a manure spreader

Here we have aligned a wheel axle on a manure spreader, and adjusted the discharge screw to the spreading function.