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Sister company

Svedbro Smide is part of a small family-owned group and has three sister companies.

Woolpower AB

Woolpower AB manufactures warm underwear, socks and reinforcement garments that are sold under the Woolpower brand. The company has about 120 employees and produces from yarn to ready-made garments in Östersund. (Opens in new tab)

Gränsfors Bruk AB

Gränsfors Bruk AB manufactures hand-forged axes. The company has about thirty employees and produces from steel to forged axes in the village Gränsfors. (Opens in new tab)

Wetterlings AB

Wetterlings, just like Gränsfors Bruk, has built up a business around hand-forged axes. All production takes place in the company’s axe forge in Storvik, just outside Gävle. The company started in 1880 and today, in addition to Wetterling’s ax models, also manufactures some of the axe models in Gränsfors Bruks range. (Opens in new tab)