Responsibly made in Sweden

All Svedbro Smides products are made in our smith located in Gnarp, Hälsingland. When you buy from us, you know that it is made by people with Swedish market wages, good working conditions and other rights that you who buy take for granted.

Our core values:
Take care of our employees – they are the heart of our production.
The products we produce must fulfill a unique function where high quality and the area of use always is in focus.
Manufacture in a way that protects our environment, without unnecessary consumption of nature’s resources.

Svedbro Smide is part of a small family-owned company group and has three sister companies – Woolpower, Gränsfors Bruk and Wetterlings. All companies have their production in Sweden and work on the basis of the same basic values within quality and sustainability.

Here you can read more about our sister companies.