Svedbro wrecking bar 28" Pink

Svedbro wrecking bar 28″ Pink

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Our Limited Edition crowbars light up in the renovation darkness and are perfect for you who want to give away a quality tool as a gift. Maybe to the carpenter who wants to light up the workplace or the home fixer who wants a crowbar that blends into the home. You can continue to feel confident that the tool maintains the same high precision, quality and efficiency as Svedbro Original.

A universal crowbar that is just as suitable for demolition as carpentry. In other words, the crowbar’s 28 “fits equally well for the craftsman and the slightly more experienced home builder. The power of the crowbar in relation to the low weight means that the precision and efficiency increase.
The crowbar is about 71 cm long and weighs about 1.8 kg. Since all our crowbars are hand-forged, there can sometimes be a small difference in length.